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All aboard the Axiom! 🚀 Experience space traveling in style with a virtual tour of the Axiom from WALL•E. Available on various formats including Disney+ and Blu-ray™

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  1. Giuliana
    19 саат мурун


  2. HUNTERFILMSYT is back
    Күн мурун

    this makes me feel like i was actually in the axiom alr 😄

  3. NASA limbu
    NASA limbu
    5 күн мурун


  4. AwokenGears
    9 күн мурун

    Ya know I'd love to see a Wall-e short series on disney plus ... to see what wall-e and eve have been doing bakc on earth after the flim

  5. GupliGupla 13
    GupliGupla 13
    14 күн мурун

    Dude the size of this

  6. Baby floppa
    Baby floppa
    19 күн мурун

    You should have made this video to 360° video

  7. Tikolu
    27 күн мурун

    I wonder are those two distant objects we see moving around at 2:30 references to EVE and WALL•E dancing in space...

  8. Евгений Тимошенко
    Евгений Тимошенко
    28 күн мурун

    Time to build it in the Minecraft!

  9. Yedielle
    Ай мурун

    We want a second part of Wall-E 🙏😭

  10. Azra 01
    Azra 01
    Ай мурун

    Here idea for wall-e 2 Maybe big asteroid hits earth they get away they like find new planet (And they want to be skinny and not lose bones) *MAKE WALL-E 2 OR I WILL... I WILL- ummmmm.... DO REVOLUTION

  11. Camilla Art Gallery FRIENDS & CARTOONS
    Camilla Art Gallery FRIENDS & CARTOONS
    Ай мурун

    So awesome! Wish you all the best PIXAR! YOU ARE AWESOME

  12. Ange B
    Ange B
    Ай мурун

    I wish I lived here

  13. Szlafrok PL
    Szlafrok PL
    Ай мурун

    Imagine this as a gmod map

  14. Thomas' Musings
    Thomas' Musings
    Ай мурун


    Ай мурун


  16. Samuel Alicea
    Samuel Alicea
    Ай мурун

    #Pixar thanks that was great!

  17. Lauch TV
    Lauch TV
    2 ай мурун

    They need to make a game just to go trough the axiom!

  18. T1DsLayer628
    2 ай мурун

    Most ironically, assuming it’s similar to other animation platform, all you have to do is press w to go forward so the video and camera work itself isn’t challenging at all.

  19. Emmett Doyle
    Emmett Doyle
    2 ай мурун

    I used to seen it when I was a kid good times. 😁

  20. Nich Nac
    Nich Nac
    2 ай мурун

    this was the best pixar movie ever made, for me. I watched it so many times. When I was a child this was my favourite movie ever!

  21. MilchaelJoeJackson
    2 ай мурун

    If that was in real life I would see it!

  22. SpecterX
    2 ай мурун


  23. The ugly
    The ugly
    2 ай мурун

    I am not trying to offended or anything what of there a Wall-e 2

    1. The ugly
      The ugly
      Ай мурун

      @Azra 01 I ain't got no time for dat I am in charge of cleaning those virus

    2. Azra 01
      Azra 01
      Ай мурун

      MO come clean me pls i luv Wall-e i have idea look. Maybe big asteroid hits earth they get away they like find new planet (And they want to be skinny and not lose bones)

  24. Steven William
    Steven William
    2 ай мурун

    I can now build this in Minecraft :D

  25. Ray Scratch
    Ray Scratch
    2 ай мурун

    please make a sequel of wall-e :C

  26. Wilson Rosa
    Wilson Rosa
    2 ай мурун

    evil Karen Kenedy ship

  27. Kitty Litzer
    Kitty Litzer
    3 ай мурун

    I need to see this ship in a space battle 😅

  28. Aselav
    3 ай мурун

    I would like to purchase this ship please

  29. BotBee
    3 ай мурун

    The humans are gone because they ate each other.

  30. TheAdvertisement
    3 ай мурун

    The echoing ambience and occasional automatic voice clips makes this oddly creepy-

  31. TheAdvertisement
    3 ай мурун

    Ngl I can see why people were fine living here all their lives.

  32. Jesse Bell
    Jesse Bell
    3 ай мурун

    Sequel please!

  33. Jesse Lunsford
    Jesse Lunsford
    3 ай мурун

    Ever notice how Pixar copied glados from portal with auto

  34. Kronyum Smoke
    Kronyum Smoke
    3 ай мурун

    Imagine just having laying around this 3D giant spaceship, this is a good use for that!

  35. dtha thad
    dtha thad
    3 ай мурун

    It is pretty. But I wanna keep my flesh intact.

  36. yasemin hanefioğlu
    yasemin hanefioğlu
    3 ай мурун

    I've always been fascinated by this movie. Companies decide the fate of humanity, the artificial warmth of our home in space, the fact that robots are full of life after all... I wish we could see this universe from other angles. Thank you for this amazing movie, Pixar.

  37. Mitch Downs
    Mitch Downs
    3 ай мурун

    What else can i say... I want this to exist soooooo bad! 😭

  38. Lotie The Bunny
    Lotie The Bunny
    3 ай мурун


  39. 高橋忠実な
    3 ай мурун

    So basically Axiom when 1st built and it'll do it's 1st job.

  40. Daniel James
    Daniel James
    3 ай мурун


  41. The Doctor 2006
    The Doctor 2006
    3 ай мурун

    Still awesome many yrs later great movie glad I was able to see it back in 2008 I feel old I was in elementary school

  42. Bob & Ann
    Bob & Ann
    3 ай мурун

    Where are the people?

  43. Drone0
    3 ай мурун

    I want to live in there

  44. Abel Aguilar-Acosta
    Abel Aguilar-Acosta
    3 ай мурун

    Don't forget to stop by the cannibal section

  45. rickxhoshinji
    3 ай мурун

    A ride like this would fit perfectly in Tomorrowland.

  46. Heavenly Pups
    Heavenly Pups
    3 ай мурун


  47. Benlove2563
    3 ай мурун

    Dang it it’s not 360

  48. Olivia Borishade
    Olivia Borishade
    4 ай мурун

    Why do I feel like we’re only a decade away from this?! It looks cool, but you saw how those people looked🚀🛸

  49. Rolletroll
    4 ай мурун

    What a magnificient ship with a powerfull hyperjump capabilities. And what did BnL do with it? A giant space mall...

  50. Zakhar Gabyshev
    Zakhar Gabyshev
    4 ай мурун

    I saw low poly models. Impressive

  51. Mario dude
    Mario dude
    4 ай мурун

    Why I’m getting this in my recommended?

  52. Christopher Cervantes
    Christopher Cervantes
    4 ай мурун

    It’s sad that this is the future of humanity..

  53. RyanTheHero
    4 ай мурун

    This is, personally, my favorite place in the entire Pixar universe, next to the inside of the huge Door Factory building in Monster's Inc

  54. Luke Hildebrand
    Luke Hildebrand
    4 ай мурун

    Hearing the sounds of humans but seeing no one... is this Gmod? Creepy.

  55. Haruka Michiru
    Haruka Michiru
    4 ай мурун

    They did not change their Jingle dir 700 years, that's good Marketing

  56. Oki Kartika
    Oki Kartika
    4 ай мурун

    "Try blue, your new red"

  57. AGuy535
    4 ай мурун

    I would LOVE a 360 version of this so I can view it through a VR headset

  58. shawn thomson
    shawn thomson
    4 ай мурун

    well nick did a vr spongebob so they got you beat

  59. pug_master 1234
    pug_master 1234
    4 ай мурун

    MatPat casually taking notes

  60. Octpuse Crime
    Octpuse Crime
    4 ай мурун

    How big is this ship going to be?

  61. Müller Andy
    Müller Andy
    4 ай мурун

    I am *MatPat.* I didn't see any food replicators or plans on the tour, therefore *i must conclude* that everybody is a Cannibal! No other explanations other than cannibalism are valid. Case....Closed. I was *MatPat* and I hate criticism. Sarcasm aside. I liked this one Pixar. Wall-e is one of my favourite movies. Btw, the games are excellent too!

  62. Galactic Gaming
    Galactic Gaming
    4 ай мурун

    It’s so eerie to see the Axiom so empty. As seen in the movie, it’s a place that has humans and robots in practically every square inch.

  63. Oliver Whitehurst
    Oliver Whitehurst
    4 ай мурун


  64. BrickBot 2.0
    BrickBot 2.0
    4 ай мурун

    Wow, I didn't know we had a pool!

  65. Fabmario
    4 ай мурун

    I don't know why but for a second I thought that there was an emoji in the thumbnail

  66. Tortoise
    4 ай мурун

    We are still expecting a Wall-E 2 😐

  67. Eric Epperson
    Eric Epperson
    4 ай мурун

    I want this as a GPU benchmark =D It's awesome!

  68. Skyler Brown
    Skyler Brown
    4 ай мурун


  69. jokku jakkunen
    jokku jakkunen
    4 ай мурун

    I want Radiator Springs tour from cars.

  70. GrantKP
    4 ай мурун

    2:20 Mechanical systems? *Unchanged* Reactor core temperature? *Unchanged* Passenger count? *Unchanged* Regenerative food buffet? *Unchanged* Jacuzzi Ph balance? *Unchanged* Atmospheric conditions? *Unchanged* laundry service volume? *Unchanged*

  71. Kirby the best
    Kirby the best
    4 ай мурун

    Why did you do this today ?! If you want to realease a Wall-e short, go ahead !!! Stop making fun of the fan XDDD

  72. Sonic Dee Official
    Sonic Dee Official
    4 ай мурун

    This is what will happen when all residents are stay in their homes due to covid 19 pandemic resulting prolonged LOCKDOWN!

  73. Kyuu Anticipation Desperation
    Kyuu Anticipation Desperation
    4 ай мурун

    Film Theory mat pat needs this

  74. TheBetterDerp :P
    TheBetterDerp :P
    4 ай мурун

    Where’s the flesh factory?

  75. Samuel Acajabon
    Samuel Acajabon
    4 ай мурун

    Mr. Pixar, can I ask you a question? This is off the topic of Wall-e but here it goes if Woody from Toy story stopped being Bonny's toy, what would she do when she saw Andy and noticed that he lost Woody?

  76. Owen Campbell
    Owen Campbell
    4 ай мурун

    Anyone else looking for signs of cannibalism?

  77. Abe Ascencio
    Abe Ascencio
    4 ай мурун

    Reminds me of the tours that were in the bonus features of Monsters Inc.

  78. Renpeach
    4 ай мурун

    I wish they'd make a sequel to this. Also has anyone read the cannabalism theory from this? It makes sense. How else did they survive 700 years?

  79. Frankie Condon
    Frankie Condon
    4 ай мурун

    Oh for gods sake the sequel is so in their reach, they even rerendered the entire axiom MAKE UP YOUR MIND PIXAR

  80. Smoke
    4 ай мурун

    The way it’s empty..

  81. Krystal Mendez
    Krystal Mendez
    4 ай мурун

    I bet those tennis courts were never used

  82. JoaDraws
    4 ай мурун

    wall e 2 xdddd

  83. Jay N
    Jay N
    4 ай мурун


  84. Yeeterz
    4 ай мурун

    Do the inside of the Spirit of adventure, i never got to see what its inside is like

  85. Le Lobsta
    Le Lobsta
    4 ай мурун

    At the end I expected AUTO to come out of his little compartment when we're in the main office and he just goes "C A P T A I N-" and jumpscares us all

  86. Devon Sielaff
    Devon Sielaff
    4 ай мурун

    So do the passengers have to pay for any of the food because I'm assuming that none of them have jobs?

  87. Bakonario
    4 ай мурун

    me:watches this also me: watch it again

  88. Dreaming nightmares
    Dreaming nightmares
    4 ай мурун

    The time it probably took, its nice

  89. Other K
    Other K
    4 ай мурун

    Man, a full tour after 12 years.

  90. Frogger
    4 ай мурун

    Boooooo the axiom is for fat people

  91. Royal Pain
    Royal Pain
    4 ай мурун

    Where’s my Cupcake in a Cup?!

  92. Splat Pad
    Splat Pad
    4 ай мурун

    WALL-E 4ever! X3

  93. Elizabeth Poole
    Elizabeth Poole
    4 ай мурун

    The Axiom AKA RAVEN'S POINT broother

  94. Kettterer
    4 ай мурун

    I wish that there were more Wall-E Axiom flythroughs. While they did provide lots of footage in the original Blu-Ray, I think there is much more to see that wasn't available to see. Out of many Pixar environments, the Axiom is my favourite.

  95. Newski
    4 ай мурун

    I bet the food is really good...

  96. Samuel Villemure
    Samuel Villemure
    4 ай мурун

    M-O is doing a really great job at keeping the Axiom clean!

  97. Stevie-Ray
    4 ай мурун

    I certainly found it puzzling that the obese passengers used to living in space & not exercising, could land back on Earth, then stand up without breaking every bone in their bodies!

  98. PJB2006
    4 ай мурун

    This reminds me of The Interstellar Junction from Sackboy’s Big Adventure.

  99. Tim The PokéFan
    Tim The PokéFan
    4 ай мурун

    1:23 Oh, wow! I didn't know we had a pool! Man, the Axiom is the best starship ever in PIXAR history!

    1. Tim The PokéFan
      Tim The PokéFan
      4 ай мурун

      @Ryan Angelastro Indeed it is.

    2. Ryan Angelastro
      Ryan Angelastro
      4 ай мурун

      And also the only starship.

  100. Daniel Ramsey
    Daniel Ramsey
    4 ай мурун

    And don't forget to stuff yourself at all of the Disney eateries!